Agricultural Cooperative of Negin Saffron in Khorasan


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Main Office:No.20 - 24th Kuh sangi St. . Mashhad-Iran  

Factory:Bardaskan , Khorasan Razavi , Iran  

Saffron properties

Saffron is full of  wonders and medicinal properties is one of them

Most important  medicinal properties of saffron which  are known through the ages include:

·         Antidepressant and joyfulness

·         Sedative and hypnotic

·         Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol level

·         Use saffron to be happy and fresh

·         Amprove memory and learning

·         Amprovesexual power

·         Brightening  skin color and atni-sunlight properties

·         Treating alcoholism

·         Treating asthma and cough

·         Treating hepatosplenomegaly and urinary’ bladder and kidney infection

·         Treating menstrual disorders

·         Treating acne spots and skin diseases

·         Anti cancer properties

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